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5 questions to ask yourself when you get stuck losing weight 

Ever done this? You've set out to achieve something, you take action and slowly you start to see some progress unfold but then you get stuck and you can't seem to break through and finally crack it? 

When you find yourself in this situation it might be time to pause and reflect. Here are five questions to ask yourself when you get stuck. 


1 Is it OK for you to have your goal?  

I don't mean in theory. I don't mean hypothetically. I mean you really 100% absolutely you feel OK with your goal. And before you try to answer the question here's how to find the honest answer. 

  • Ask yourself the question then notice your instinctive reaction.
  • What's the very first thing that pops into your head? 
  • Notice your body language. Do you tense up or squirm a little? Is your initial reaction in any way tentative?
  • If your response is anything less than a resounding "yes!" explore why. 

This might sound like a stupid question but you'd be surprised how often people are not 100% ok with changing. If you were 100% Ok with the change you'd probably have achieved your goal by now. 


2 Are you ready to prioritise it over other things and people? 

When you put a goal into your life something has to come out. You have a 'limited bandwidth', limited time and limited energy. If something new is taking your time and energy what makes away? 

What is competing with your goal for your resources? Will you put your goal above those things? 

Will you put your goal above certain people? Will you put pursuing something that makes you happy above doing things for others? 

If the answer is no, what holds you back?


3 If you think now is not a good time, when? 

Maybe now isn't a good time. Maybe things are too busy. Maybe you have a lot of stress. 

So when? 

  • When will be a good time?  
  • When will you have loads of time on your hands?
  • When will you be stress-free? 

Think of specific time when it will be right for you to achieve your goal. Then ask yourself honestly if that time is guaranteed to be better? If it is that's great put it in the diary, but if you know that it might not be it begs the question, why not now? Often people delay facing up to difficult things by putting them into the future. 

If this question is holding you back you might find my blog about finding the right time useful. Also see question 4.... 


4 How long will you wait to have what you want? 

If now isn't a good time and you don't know when will be, how long are you going to wait? 

  • How long will you wait to have what you want? 
  • What are the consequences of waiting? 
  • Will the problem get worse? Will you feel disappointed? 

I once coached someone who was morbidly obsese and experiencing health problems. They knew what the real issue was but they wouldn't resolve it until their children had grown up, which in their mind was 15 years!  

  • What do you think the health implications of that decision might be? 
  • What about the implications for happiness and well-being? 
  • Would you be ok with a 15-year wait? 


5 Would you teach those you love to behave this way? 

I know this one is a hard hitting but it's also important. A lot of people say "It's OK if I suffer because I'm giving my time and energy to others" or "It's OK if I don't do this because it's only me that is disappointed".

What you probably don't realise that you are teaching others by your example.  

  • Would you teach your children/partner/friends/ to approach things you way you are? 
  • You are already role modelling a behaviour. Is it the one you want those you love to learn? 
  • What message are you sending?

This is especially important if you have children or anyone else that looks up to you, young or old. 

If it's not good enough for them why would it be good enough for you? 

What lessons would you rather teach with your example instead?


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  • Which question gives you the most food for thought?
  • Which one holds the key to what is holding you back?