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Your Weightloss Journey: Make it to the start line

As I stood at the start of the race my mind went back to the beginning of my journey. The previous year I nearly didn't get to the start line and for many years before that I didn't make it at all. As I looked around me at all the people of different ages, size, experience and physical ability, I remember feeling that anyone who had even made it to this point deserves respect. 


A change in mind as well as body

Losing weight has made a huge difference. I learnt that I had lost the equivalent of an SAS backpack, meaning that running without all that extra weight is much more enjoyable. I had run a 10k before but it felt like hard work. I needed to pour emotional blackmail on myself and tie myself in with public declarations to beat myself into doing it. Had I not carefully crafted an environment in which backing out was not an option I would have never even got to the start line. 

This time, however, it was my idea and I was enjoying every minute. There were no public declarations, no binding myself into the challenge I just quietly got on with it. The change in mindset was the biggest noticeable difference. Everything felt different. Previously, I would have used any number of things as an excuse, a cold, a lack of sleep, hot weather and there may have been some truth to any of those things. But I now know those things were not the real barrier. This time, I was willing to overcome any challenge, despite illness, a lack of sleep an unseasonably hot weather I lined up with everyone else. It didn't mean not feeling a little apprehensive or that I wasn't concerned about how well or how badly I might do but none of those thoughts were going to hold me back. 


You are a rare breed 

Do you know one of the first things I say to people who come to me to lose weight? 

"Well done!" 

They are usually surprised by that, But I always say "well done" because I know that for every person who speaks to me there were many more who thought about it and did nothing. Occasionally you get those who send a text or email or but they won't pick up the phone or follow through. There are hundreds, if not thousands, out there wishing things could be different but never actually taking any real steps to do anything about it. They might dabble a bit or maybe they tell themselves they'll do it later, when the time 'is right'. These people usually spend many more years in a situation they aren't happy with. 


Congratulate yourself

I have the utmost respect for those who have the honesty and resolve to say "I want change and I'm going to do something about it". You might think it's common but it's actually an incredibly rare thing.  Social media might fool you into thinking it's common when you see all those memes and positive message but not everyone who posts them is acting on them. Mostly these are an expression of what people want to believe rather than what they really feel. 

Whatever your goal, if you've taken that first step, congratulate yourself. The hard work is ahead of you but you are a rare breed. Give yourself credit for taking the first step and taken confidence that this shows that you have the character to get what want.

If you haven't started yet, act now. The first step is sometimes the hardest but it's where all great things begin. 


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