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Five warning signs that you won't succeed. 

You've made some great progress and things are going swimmingly. But then your progress starts to slow despite you believing you're still doing all the right things. You don't feel like you're doing anything differently but has your mindset started to slip? 

Here are five warning signs that you won't succeed. 

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Excess Baggage: eating habits on holiday

If you've been following this Slim Thinking Blog for a while you'll know that managing your weight is (very) broadly about how you see yourself, the things you value, your beliefs and self-talk. So assuming you've got those in a good place you should be well on track. So here's a question: 

Why would going on holiday change any of those things above? 

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Mindless eating: Is it a habit or a choice and how do I stop?

We've all done what people call 'mindless eating' but in reality it's anything but. How do I know? Ask yourself this:

How many times have you heard someone say "oops, I accidentally ate that whole bag of carrots without realising" or "I just started snacking and before I knew it I'd eaten all the quinoa".

Read on to find out what's really going on and how to stop it.

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