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People Pleasing: Saboteur Spotting

When you set yourself a goal and work towards it you will inevitably make some changes.  You might have noticed that this change in behaviour by you provokes a change in response and behaviour from other people. You'll also notice that positive action on your part can prompt some less than helpful responses from others and they can say or do things which make achieving your goal harder. I call these 'saboteurs' because their words and actions are designed to undermine your efforts. Here's how to spot the saboteurs in your life.

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Mindless eating: Is it a habit or a choice and how do I stop?

We've all done what people call 'mindless eating' but in reality it's anything but. How do I know? Ask yourself this:

How many times have you heard someone say "oops, I accidentally ate that whole bag of carrots without realising" or "I just started snacking and before I knew it I'd eaten all the quinoa".

Read on to find out what's really going on and how to stop it.

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