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When is the right time to lose weight?

Being overweight is perennial. Weight loss is seasonal. A quick look at Google searches for the terms  'weight loss' and 'diet' shows clear trends in the times of year that people are most or least likely to want to lose weight. Many people put off their weight loss goal, waiting for a 'good time' to get started. So when is the right time to lose weight? 

Google searches for the term 'weight loss' in 2015

Google searches for the term 'weight loss' in 2015

What are you waiting for? 

It's not unusual for clients to say that they really want to lose weight but now is not the right time. They are waiting until after the wedding or after the short break away somewhere or when the kids go back to school or after Christmas, Easter etc etc 

On the surface, it seems that some times are better than others for starting towards a goal. The problem with this it's very hard to: 

A) find the right time 

B) for the time to stay right without something else coming along 

The problem with the 'waiting for a good time' mentality is that it usually plays out like this; 

There's never a 'right time'. There's always a birthday, seasonal celebration, birth, death, marriage, a busy time, a stressful time, an awkward time or some kind of other bad time. If you look at the picture above you'll see that waiting for the 'right time' means that there's basically about 3 months in a year when it's a 'good time' for most people to lose weight and all of them are followed by 'bad times'. Can you really lose in three months all the extra pounds gained in 9 months? It's unlikely. At best you'll be treading water. 

It's a bad time

It's true that there are bad times. All of us have times when we are busy or stressed and our wellbeing isn't our focus because other things are going on. I sometimes hear people say "I'm stopping the diet for now, I have a crisis/stressful event going on and I can't concentrate on a diet as well right now" 

It might seem sensible that losing weight is just another thing you need to think about at a difficult time but when you examine this idea closer it actually makes pursuing your weight loss goal even more important. The questions I would ask here are: 

  • Why would going through a stressful time change what you eat? 
  • You'll need to eat anyway, so how will eating unhealthily help more than eating healthily? 
  • Will you really feel better for eating more (or more unhealthily) in the long term or will it compound your problems? 

When you are going through a bad time it's more important than ever to sleep well, stay hydrated and eat healthy food. This will give you the extra energy and concentration needed to face what's in front of you. Being able to focus on something away from your troubles can also help. You can't control everything that happens in your life but you can control what you eat. Other things in your life might be going wrong but continued focus towards your goal can give you something to celebrate when everything else is not going your way. 


How to find the right time to lose weight

The people who are most successful at losing weight do the following: 

  • Make it a priority: They have decided that losing weight is important and it comes above other things. They still attend parties, weddings, celebrations but they don't eat and drink like everyone else. 
  • Plan ahead: Eating right is a non-negotiable part of their routine o they plan ahead so that they can stay on course during weekends away and special occasions. 
  • They want it more than anything else
  • They make any time the right time:  they pursue their goal at Christmas, New Year, Easter, on their summer holidays anytime they decide they want to act. I've seen them lose weight through divorce, house moves, health problems and major life changes. 


So when is the right time? 

  • It's when you decide you want the weight loss more than the birthdays, parties and BBQs etc etc 
  • It's when you decide you deserve the body you want. 
  • It's when you make yourself and your wellbeing a priority of over other things. 

When you do all of these things, any time is the right time.


What are your thoughts?

  • Do you find that life gets in the way of your goals?
  • Did you wait to lose weight?

Leave your thoughts or questions in the comments sections below. 

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