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Treat myself: I wish I hadn't

After a few busy weeks I was ready to 'treat myself' but cutting loose for a weekend has made me wonder what the definition of 'treat yourself' is and if maybe we have got it wrong.

I eat healthily as a matter or course. I don't even think about it, it's just how we do things in our house. Fast food and nights out drinking are very much the exception but like everyone else I find it fun to enjoy meals and drinks with friends and at those times you don't want to be scrutinising your diet, especially when you are staying with other people.

I'm a big believer in making conscious decisions about your health and what you eat. I've said in previous blogs that no food or drink is either good or bad, you just need to decide if what you are eating and drinking is taking you closer or further from your goal.

So when we planned to go away for a weekend I didn't think anything of breaking from the usual routine for a few hours. We were our usual healthy ourselves on the drive down avoiding the fast food outlets and enjoying a sensible breakfast the following morning. However, when we met with our friends we went with the flow. This involved grabbing food on the go but we didn't eat a great deal so didn't think much of it. Besides, it was an active weekend. Then in the evening it was fast food again followed by a night on the town which of course involves a few (by which I mean many) beers.

It was fab! I had a lovely night and it was lovely to go out and reconnect with old friends who I don't get to see that much. It was great

However, the after effects of filling my body with junk and alcohol were not so fun and I don't mean a hangover. I felt tired the morning after but I didn't have any headaches or nausea or anything like that. I mean the general effects of filling my body with crap. 

I was really taken back by the effects of just 24 hours out of the usual routine. First of all there was tiredness caused by the effects of alcohol on my quality of sleep. Then there was a general feeling of sluggishness that lasted a couple of days, possibly due to not actually giving my body much in the way of nutrition. Naturally, I wasn't hydrating myself properly over the weekend either which didn't help. All of this contributed to a feeling of "eughh" which lasted for days. I also caught cold which might not be related but I can't help but wonder if feeling under the weather contributed to feeling poorly.

Don't get me wrong, I had a great time and the weekend played out pretty much how I expected. I'd even do it all again but perhaps with a few tweaks (like less alcohol and more veg). There's nothing wrong with having a knees up from time to time.

However, the whole thing made the rethink the idea of 'treating yourself'.

According to the Urban Dictionary the most popular definition is:

To partake in an activity which no matter how detrimental to your health, allows you to enjoy yourself as much as possible.

Fast food and alcohol didn't feel like a 'treat'. It felt like a lack of self-care. I wonder how enjoyable something really is if it's detrimental to your health?

After just 24 hours out of my usual routine I felt a strong need to be 'kind to myself' by getting back to eating fruit and veg, drinking water and having an early night.

Of course, I could just be old but I can't but think that sometimes when we are 'treating' ourselves we are doing anything but. An occasional break can provide a psychological boost but being good to myself has taken on a whole new meaning.

What do you think?

What does 'treating yourself' mean to you?

What does being kind to yourself mean?

Does it change with age?