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A coach can help you achieve more than is possible if you go it alone.

A coach can help you achieve more than is possible if you go it alone. Whether you are looking to develop yourself or your team, a coach can help you broaden your perspective and discover new possibilities.I set up Dive Deeper to help people understand their behaviour, change it and create the life they want. If you feel something is holding you back and you need help getting to where you want to be I can help.

The Dive Deeper Approach

Change can be quick

Just because you've felt a certain way for a long time, it doesn't mean it takes a long time to change. All behaviour starts with a decision and decisions, even the unconscious ones, can change quicker than you think. 


Get to the root of the problem

Ever found yourself thinking "why do I do that?". The reason is not always obvious but it is there. You're not broken or random , every behaviour has a positive purpose. By exploring what is happening and why you can start to change it.

Focus on what matters

Lasting change is achieved by delving beneath the frustrating but often misleading surface issues. Coping strategies may feel better in the short term but dealing with the stuff that is really getting in your way frees you from the problem for good.

Life by design

Live your life by design rather than by circumstance. By gaining a greater understanding of yourself and what is important to you, you can set goals that help you live according to your needs and ambitions.



Get the right amount of uncomfortable

The greatest shifts in thinking and behaviour happen outside your comfort zone. The thing that makes you feel uncomfortable is the thing that's holding you back. By providing a safe and supportive environment to explore this you can move beyond it.

My success is your success

I know I'm successful when you don't need my help any more. Some coaches book you in for an extended series of sessions. My philosophy is address the real issue, move beyond it and we're done.

What you need to know...

Who is it for?

This is for you if:

  • If you find yourself thinking or doing things that are self defeating or unhelpful or you have an unwanted behaviour or habit.  
  • If you have a goal or ambition but for some reason you sabotage yourself or procrastinate and you've never quite seem to achieve it.  
  • If you're feeling annoyed or frustrated with yourself and you keep thinking "why do I always do that?".

Why work with Michelle?

When you start to explore more about your behaviour, it can be hard to face up to things that are causing us pain or frustration so finding someone you feel comfortable to work with is essential.  

The practical coach

My style is calm, warm, straightforward and effective. Clients tell me that they value the way I am able to see the world from their point of view and however complex the problem is that 'I get the right end of the stick'. There are no judgements, you are the expert on how to be you. Clients also appreciate the clear, 'therapy jargon'-free way I communicate with them. Sorry but there's no couch, no slow, soft therapy speak and I wont ask "how do you feel about that?" every five minutes.  My aim is to help you understand what is happening, spend time on what matters and focus on what is needed to move forward.

In addition to being calm and supportive and also I am direct. If I see you giving up on yourself or hiding from something I'l say so and help you to push through the boundaries you've created for yourself.

How does it work?

Over two two-hour sessions we'll spend some time getting to understand more about you, what you want and what is happening at the moment. You'll develop a deeper understanding of yourself, your internal processes and how you make decisions so you can understand what is happening and why. We can then clear anything holding you back and explore new possibilities so you can take action to get the results you want. By the time we've finished working together you will have already started to change your thinking and will walk away with new ideas for how to move forward.

Over the years I've worked alongside many successful therapists, authors, psychologists and coaches and learnt a number of approaches to behavioural change. My approach uses a combination of the most effective parts of all of them and doesn't have a specific name but I draw largely on NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Hypnotherapy and I am a master practitioner of both. This is done in a conversational style which is flexed to needs of the individual so each persons experience will be unique to them.

Face to face sessions are ideal for this type of coaching but Skype/Hangout consultations are also available.

Let's talk...

Wondering how I can help you? Get in touch about your personal situation and ask questions about how I can help. No pushy sales-talk just get your questions or concerns answered and establish what I can I can do for you.

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