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Slim Thinking: Change Your Mind Change Your Body


Change your mind change your body

  • Have you tried diets, exercise plans, apps, trackers and other 'fixes' to lose weight and be healthier but not managed to sustain your results?
  • Have you set yourself SMART goals in the past but not managed to muster the will power to see them through?

Discover how changing your thinking can help you change your body and succeed where years of dieting has failed-by developing the right mindset you can lose weight for good and spend more of your time and energy on the things you love.

The best bit is that when you address the real reasons for being overweight in the first place you can stop battling with yourself and focus on the results you want. It feels easier, kinder and your loved ones get a healthier, happier you.


Introducing the Slim Thinking: Change Your Mind Change Your Body Programme

  • The programme is a series of 6 weekly webinars with bonus video content.
  • Learn from the comfort of your own home or anywhere you have a mobile device.
  • Sessions are interactive so it's best to attend live but they are recorded if you do miss one.
  • Each week you'll be set a fun but challenging task to complete with your fellow learners.
  • Receive friendly support and share your questions, thoughts and 'lightbulb moments' in the secret Facebook group.

Here's some of what you'll discover:

  • Why we sabotage ourselves and how to stop 
  • The five foundations of a successful goal
  • Why curiosity is better than criticism
  • Why will power doesn’t work and why you don’t need it
  • What you can learn from the mentality of slim people
  • The number one mindset mistake that can undo all your hard work
  • How to break through the limiting beliefs that hold you back
  • Making time for weight loss
  • The type of motivation proven to get you to your goal (and the one that won't)
  • Dealing with tricky people and ‘friendly’ saboteurs

Want to know more? Hear what other people who have benefited form the programme have said:

This course has really focussed me on how I need a holistic whole life view approach to losing weight. It’s not just will power that gets you to the end. There is so much more that needs to be in place to help me lose it and more importantly keep it off.
Michelle has helped me identify the reasons I overeat and why. The course has been designed to cover things like goal setting, how you view yourself and how that can help or hinder you. Understanding why I overeat has helped me stop certain things in my environment being a problem. It is a challenging course. I really benefited from listening to thoughts of the other participants. It’s a journey that takes effort and allowing myself to take that time to participate has helped me a lot. I still have much to work on but I am pleased to be in this position where I have more tools and knowledge.
— Grace
I just wanted to thank you so much for the support, guidance and refreshing approach to helping me understand my lifelong struggle with my weight and attitude to food. Your attitude is fantastic; sessions feel fun, but professional and your support has helped me to take responsibility for my own decisions without feeling like I am going on this journey alone. I have been able to work out why I make the decisions I do and reconsider my own values so that I am not trying to achieve too much in one go. Your support guidance and reassurance has been fantastic and worth every penny.
— Bex

What else do I get?

Bonus 1-Mood Food Diary
When losing weight everyone knows where they want to get to but the main reason people struggle to get there is because they don't really understand the reality of what's keeping them where they are. I created the Mood Food Diary to help you focus less on what you are eating and more about reflecting on what is happening when you eat it. It contains some useful reflection questions to help you analyse what you record so that by the time you've completed it you know what you need to change and why.

Bonus 2-Lifetime Access to the Slim Thinking Facebook Group
One of the most significant factors in achieving a goal is surrounding yourself with the right people. In this group you’ll find a ready-made supportive community made up of positive people. This is secret Facebook group exclusive to those who work with me so you know that you’ll get the right support as you go through the course and long after.

Bonus 3-Reflections Diary

Lastly I have put together a reflections diary which contains some key questions and quotes from the course. It's designed to help you reflect on our discussions, note down your thoughts and keep them somewhere you can refer back to whenever you need some inspiration. 

For all of this the investment is just £47.

This is the first time the programme has been run in the new, improved format. Prices will go up for the next one. Don't miss out on this fantastic low price.

More details:

A full overview of the course format, content and course dates can be on a pdf document by clicking here

Who is it for?

This is for you if:

  • You feel like something is holding you back but you’re not sure what it is
  • You are dedicated to improving your mindset and want to share your journey with like minded people
  • You’ve tried various diets and exercise regimes with but still aren’t at goal weight
  • You have the right knowledge (calories, BMI, reading food labels etc) but haven’t managed to turn it into results
  • You've had some success but want better results
  • You are ready to reflect on your thinking and decision making process and address underlying challenges
  • You are committed to your goal and are ready to put the time and effort in
  • You understand that the results will come only if you turn the learning into action.

This is NOT for you if:

  • You are looking for a quick fix and expect short term results
  • You believe other people are the cause of your outcomes
  •  You often buy courses, but rarely take any action
  • You have a BMI of 20 or lower
  • You have medical condition that prevents you losing weight

Are you willing to commit to yourself in 2017?

Of all the things you'll spend money on in 2017, what is more important than your well being?

Invest in yourself today and set yourself up for success. Book your place on Slim Thinking: Change Your Mind Change Your Body:

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Early Bird Bonus!

I love working with action-takers. So to give you an added incentive to invest in yourself this New Year I'm offering an early bird bonus. For each person who signs up before midnight on January 13th 2017 I will throw in a free 45 minute 1-2-1 consultation (usually £75).

If you need any more information about programme or how it works don't hesitate to get in touch by clicking on the link below: