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FREE Weight Loss Mindset Training

The Mindset For Successful Weight Loss

Welcome to this mini training series on changing your mindset for successful weight loss. Below you'll find videos outlining some simple tweaks you can make to your thinking to help you achieve your goals.

To get the most out of the course, grab a pen and paper and make notes on how to apply these tips and techniques to your perosnal goals and challenges

Why Traditional Approaches to Weight Loss Fail

Have you tried losing weight several times before but never found the answer? This video explains:

  • Why SMART goals on their own don't work
  • How your brain is supposed to make decisions
  • Why will power wont get you over the line
  • The mindset that works

Learn the approach that feels kinder and yeilds long term results.


Setting a Successful Weight Loss Goal

SMART goals on their own don't work.

They only appeal to one half of your brain. Follow the simple techniques in this step by step guide to set a goal that works with both your heart and your head so that you are working on your goal even when you're not consciously thinking about it.


The Mindset to Stay Motivated

How do you keep your motivation going?

Most people lose motivation because they focus on the wrong things. Implement these 10 simple tips to give yourself motivation that will see you through the tough times.


Want to learn more about developing the mindset of successful weight loss? 

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Slim Thinking: Change Your Mind Change Your Body is a 6 week webinar course for understanding and changing the behaviours that hold you back and developing the mindset that will get you the results you want. If you’ve been looking for something that addresses underlying causes of overeating, this is it. 

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