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Weight Management

Weight loss starts in the mind. Discover how you can change your body by changing your mindset.

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If you've ever struggled with losing or maintaining weight you'll know how hard it is to fight the urge to consume fatty or calorific food and drink. But wouldn't it be better not to have that urge in the first place? This is where weight management coaching can help.

  • Are you fed up battling with yourself over what you feel you ought to do and feeling bad about what you actually do?
  • How frustrating is it to waste time and money going from diet to diet or exercise plan to exercise plan but still not getting the results you want?

Pretty much all diets work if you stick to them, the challenge most people have is sticking to them. They try to use will power to force themselves to stay on plan. When you address the reason why you struggle to stick to the plan in the first place you can stop dieting in spite of yourself and move forward a way where you are working with yourself. It feels easier and makes for a much more pleasant journey.

The Dive Deeper Approach

Change your thinking

You can't have a slim body with an overweight person's mind and habits. Change your mindset first and making good decisions about your eating will follow.


Understand your eating habits

We don't always make the decisions we feel we should about food. It's not because we are weak, every decision we make is made for a reason. Understand more about your decision making and how you can change it.

Gain control

You may have noticed that relying on will power or discipline to get what you want doesn't last long. It also feels awful. Will power is a myth, understand what is really happening and gain control.

Remove the barriers

Situations and people can often stand in the way of you achieving your goal. You don't have to let them sabotage your efforts, take control and deal with both with confidence.


Focus on what you want

A focus on what you want to achieve and why is as important to your success as knowing what you want to get away from. Goals orientated towards what you what you want will get you further than a simple goal to 'lose some weight'.

Be kind to yourself

Heaping shame on people for being overweight has been going on for decades and it hasn't worked. You can't berate yourself into being slim. Being kind to yourself is a fundamental part of being successful.

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Free guide to changing your slimming mindset

To download my free guide and self-assessment quiz" 6 Ways to improve your slimming mindset"click here