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Weight Management Coaching

Rather than battling against yourself to stick to a diet wouldn't it be better to just make choices that work for you without even thinking about it? Discover how 121 weight management coaching can help you understand your and change unhelpful behaviours.


The practical coach

Talking about your weight is a very personal thing. It can be hard to face up to things that are causing us frustration so finding someone you feel comfortable to work with is essential.

 My style is calm, warm, straightforward and effective. Clients tell me that they value the way I am able to see the world from their point of view and however complex the problem is that 'I get the right end of the stick'. There are no judgements, you are the expert on how to be you. My aim is to help you understand what is happening, spend time on what matters and focus on what is needed to move forward. In addition to being calm and supportive and also I am direct. If I see you giving up on yourself or hiding from something I'l say so and help you to push through the boundaries you've created for yourself.

How does it work?

Over two two-hour sessions we'll spend some time getting to understand more about you, what your goal is and why that is important to you. Then we'll explore what is happening at the moment. You'll develop a deeper understanding of yourself, your internal processes you are using for eating and how you make decisions about food so you can understand what is happening and why. We can then look at anything holding you back and what potential barriers you might face so you can take action to get the results you want. By the time we've finished working together you will have already changed your thinking which will pave the way for changing your body.

Face to face sessions are ideal for this type of coaching but Skype/Hangout consultations are also available.

Why work with me?

I've been there and cracked it! I lost weight myself quite some time ago despite being overweight for years and have kept it off ever since.  One of the reasons why I decided to offer weight management coaching is a lot of people have asked me how I managed it and I wanted to share how it is done. 

My Story

I remember that moment when I first saw the photo that made me go "eurghh!!" I'd been on an amazing trip but I didn't want to look at any of the photos with me in them. It's fair to say I'd let taking care of my well being slip down my priority list and the weight had crept on overtime. I'm told it's a classic. Really good in your routine at work but overdoing food and drink on evening and weekends. I used to like my job but it just wasn't me anymore. I was good all week but when it was 'my time' I wanted to make the most of it and that meant going out for dinner or for a few drinks. That's not bad in itself. In fact I'd only gain a couple of pounds a month but add that up over 12 months........ and you can imagine the impact that has. I decided I want to make a change and I worked through why I had slipped into bad habits and reflected on how I had been making eating decisions. I addressed the source of the problem, from there on sticking to plan was easy. My food and drink intake wasn't the problem, it was the solution and once I addressed the real problem, eating healthily was a breeze.

Let's chat

Wondering if I can help you? Get in touch about your personal situation and ask questions about how I can help you. No pushy sales-talk just get your questions or concerns answered and establish what I can I can do for you.