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My 6-week theory

A few years ago I came up with my 6-week theory.  

It goes like this: 

Whenever you start a new activity, stick at it for at least 6 weeks. 

That's it-no quitting before week 6. 

It started when I took up body pump. I enjoyed the first session but for the few days after my muscles really hurt. Week 2 was also really tough and the weights I was lifting were pretty pathetic. The next few week were hard but by about week 6 I found that not only could I do the classes but that I was in the swing of things and I was actually enjoying it. It's also the point at which you start to see results. I hadn't lost much weight but the shape of my body beneath the fat had changed for the better. I had a whole new shape.

My theory is if you can get to this point you can keep going.  So keep going at your new activity for at least 6 weeks whether you like it or not. 


The 6-week journey

The same happened when I started spinning classes. 

Before=The focus is on the potential benefits "this is going to be awesome". 

Week 1=hell "this is terrible!

Week 2=also hell "I am terrible!

Week 3=do-able "It was less worse than before

Week 4=competence "This might be alright actually

Week 5=starts to become enjoyable "This is awesome!

Week 6=starting to see results "I am awesome!

It started out hard but I wanted to do it because it gave me a type of fitness I was missing. I hated the first one so much I swore I wouldn't keep it up, it wasn’t for me. But I knew if I stuck at it, it could be something I'd get the hang of and even enjoy. 

In my experience, if you can stick something out for 6 weeks you push through the barrier of it feeling hard to seeing yourself improve and enjoying it.


What do you think?

So here's my challenge to you. If you've taken up a new regime of exercising or eating stick at it religiously for 6 weeks and it will become part of your regime.

What do you think?

Does my 6 week rule work for you?

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