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10 Tips for Resolving Resolutions

10 tips, slightly different viewpoints on how to set resolutions or goals for the New Year.

It's the time of year when people tend to set some new year's resolutions, so I thought I'd share some top tips about how to set better new New Year's resolutions and set goals that you're more likely to stick to throughout 2019.

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5 questions to ask yourself when you get stuck pursuing a goal 

Ever done this? You've set out to achieve something, you take action and slowly you start to see some progress unfold but then you get stuck and you can't seem to break through and finally crack it? 

When you find yourself in this situation it might be time to pause and reflect. Here are five questions to ask yourself when you get stuck. 

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Being in two minds

Ever described yourself as being in two minds about something? Have you ever stopped to wonder if there's some meaning to that? 

In this blog I explore the difference between two types of thought, or processing, our minds use and the importance of appreciating the role each is designed to play. If you often experience a conflict between what you feel you should do and what you actually want to do, it might be helpful to ask "Am I using the best part of my brain to solve the problem?"

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