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Two Types of Trust: Becoming a Trusted Advisor

”I love that my clients tell me about their love lives”

This came from a coaching client of mine who says she doesn't like to promote herself. Yet she is never short of work due to word of mouth recommendations. So how does someone who doesn't like self-promotion get referrals? And how are her clients love lives relevant?

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Three thoughts that will make bad times worse

We can all get on a bit of a downer sometimes. That’s only natural and it happens to everyone from time to time. The important thing though, is how we explain how we explain those down times to ourselves. This is the difference between having a bad day and sliding in a bad week or month. There are three thoughts we tell ourselves about these moments that will make any bad time worse. The good news is that knowing this, and doing something about it, can lift you out of funk pretty quickly too.

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10 Tips for Resolving Resolutions

10 tips, slightly different viewpoints on how to set resolutions or goals for the New Year.

It's the time of year when people tend to set some new year's resolutions, so I thought I'd share some top tips about how to set better new New Year's resolutions and set goals that you're more likely to stick to throughout 2019.

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Getting out of a drama

Have you ever got caught up in someone else’s drama and found yourself thinking “How on earth did I get sucked into this?”. If you have then chances are that you have been drawn into a drama triangle.

I got geekily excited when I saw this being used to describe the conflict between characters in the BBC drama The Cry recently, although it occurred to me that many viewers might not understand why the main character Joanna was being asked about a triangle by a psychologist. Here I explain what that triangle is all about.

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Brainwaves, Foreign Radio and Rowdy Politicians: 10 Homeworking Productivity Tips

Working from home means freedom from office life, but it also means being responsible for keeping yourself productive.

I’ve experimented with many different ways of tackling this problem over the years, with some successes, so here I share some techniques I’ve tried for keeping focused when working solo, along with my rating for how effective they are.

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5 Surprising Things I Discovered When I Profiled My Strengths

Do you really know your strengths? In the past, my work has shaped which skills I focus on and recently I've been wondering which are the things I've become skilled in because I've had to be and which are the ones I've focused on because they truly energise me. To help me find out, I completed a profiling tool called Strengthscope, and put time in for some coaching. I was really hoping it might give me some clues. Here I share what I discovered and a copy of the report I received.

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Men and women in the workplace: same language, different styles

It took less than 5 minutes for my tweet to be rubbished by a male associate of mine. My idea wasn’t perfect but it obviously had merit, so why point out small and irrelevant downsides when the overall suggestion was helpful? Why had this guy been so mean about it?  A few days later I listened to a fantastic podcast about the linguistic rituals men and women use in the workplace. It made me think. Perhaps my Twitter friend hadn't been so mean after all!

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Are you putting off a difficult conversation? Start by taking yourself out of it.

Relationships, public speaking, performing a song for Simon Cowell. All things you should put as much of yourself as you can into. A lion's den, a pair of hotpants 2 sizes too small and difficult conversations-all things you absolutely take yourself out of. I don’t mean don’t have difficult conversations but, as far as possible, we should take ourselves out of them.

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Business Book Club: Entrepreneurial You

Being self-employed I was naturally drawn to this book when I saw it.  Of course, I’d like to monetise my expertise and build a solid business creating my own products but is it really as achievable as we are led to believe? The internet is awash with people showing you how to build a business online, most of whom I’m more than a little suspicious of, so it was nice to pick up a practical book from a reputable authority on the subject. Perhaps it can be done after all….

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When does expending effort energise you?

Have you ever noticed that when you are doing something you love, no matter how physically demanding it is, you often feel like you could keep it up all day? Yet, when you are doing something mind-numbingly dull you find it tiring to the point where you could very easily fall asleep?

Why is this and how can we find ways to get more of that energised feeling?

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A problem shared: Why Jeremy Kyles Guests might just be on to something 

I've never been one to admit "I'm struggling". I don't like to bother people or bring them down with my woes and no one likes a moaner. I've never had much time for Jeremy Kyle 'guests' who air their dirty laundry in public either. In fact, I admit I've been quite judgemental about them. However, I have come to learn that both professionally and personally, talking about your problems with people is actually a bloody good idea.  

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5 questions to ask yourself when you get stuck pursuing a goal 

Ever done this? You've set out to achieve something, you take action and slowly you start to see some progress unfold but then you get stuck and you can't seem to break through and finally crack it? 

When you find yourself in this situation it might be time to pause and reflect. Here are five questions to ask yourself when you get stuck. 

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Proving your critics wrong vs proving your fans right

Fitspo' quotes. Do you love them or hate them? 

I love seeing quotes and memes on social media. Mostly on weight loss or fitness pages. I'm intrigued to see if I can tell what a person's motivations are. I think a lot of people post these quotes and memes to show how positive they are but they probably aren't aware that they are revealing more negativity than they realise. 

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