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Three thoughts that will make bad times worse

We can all get on a bit of a downer sometimes. That’s only natural and it happens to everyone from time to time. The important thing though, is how we explain how we explain those down times to ourselves. This is the difference between having a bad day and sliding in a bad week or month. There are three thoughts we tell ourselves about these moments that will make any bad time worse. The good news is that knowing this, and doing something about it, can lift you out of funk pretty quickly too.

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Business Book Club: The ones that didn't make it

You may have been following my business book club blog over the last 12 months, where I've been reviewing the best self-improvement and business books and sharing the knowledge with you. What you might not know, is that there are a number of books that didn't quite make it. Not only did I read 12 books over the course of the year, I actually attempted a few more that I didn't get around to reviewing. So to finish off last years book blogging I've decided to give you an overview of the ones that didn't quite make it.

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Business Book Club: Emotional Intelligence

I've set myself a goal to read one self-development book per month.This month I’ve been reading Emotional Intelligence: Why it can matter more than IQ by Daniel Goleman

This book has been sat unread in my office for years. Literally years, I can’t even remember how many. All I can say is that the topic was fairly new when I was given it and I guess it wasn’t top of my reading list. Now that I’ve read it I’m wondering how I’ve lived my life without the information contained within it.

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